domenica 28 luglio 2019

MTGNexus signature

I'm bravelion83 all over the internet, including MTGNexus and MTGSalvation. MTGNexus has a 1024 character limit that my current signature on MTGSalvation more than doubles because of its code. This post is only meant as a place to store it so that I can just link to here in my MTGNexus signature.

My CCCG Resume on MTGSalvation (Updated on July 3rd 2019)

MCC - Winner (6): Oct 2014, Apr Nov 2017, Jan 2018, Apr Jun 2019 || Host (15): Dec 2014, Apr Jul Aug Dec 2015, Mar Jul Aug Oct 2016, Feb Jul 2017, Jun Nov 2018, Feb Jul 2019 || Judge (34): every month from Nov 2014 to Nov 2016 except Oct 2015, every month from Feb to Jul 2017 except Apr 2017, then Oct 2017, May Jun Nov 2018, Feb Jul 2019

CCL - Winner (2): Jul 2016 (tied with Flatline), May 2017 || Host (5): Feb 2015, Mar Apr May Jun 2016

DCC - Winner (1): Mar 2015 (tied with Piar) || Host (3): May Oct 2015, Jan 2016

My projects on MTGSalvation (Updated on June 14th 2019)

• The two public custom sets I've been part a part of the design team for:
"Brotherhood of Ormos" - Blog post with all info - set thread - design skeleton / card list
"Extinctia: Homo Evanuit" - Blog post with all info - set thread - card list spreadsheet

"The Lion's Lair", my article series about MTG and custom card design in particular. Latest article here. Here is the article indexRather outdated by now, and based on the old MCC rubric, but I'm leaving this here for anybody that might be interested anyway.

• My only public attempt at being a writer: the story of my Leonin custom planeswalker Jeff Lionheart. (I have a very big one that I'm working on right now but that's private for now, and I don't know if I will ever actually publish it, and I also have ideas for multiple future ones, including ones where I'm going to reprise Jeff.)